Hi All,

Just a quick heads-up for those of you flying with an onboard camera and using GPS. I use a gopro with no problems, it doesn't seem to interfere with anything.

However today I decided to try a different cam 


I did a quick auto flight without the camera, everything went beautifully well, so i decided to do an onboard video for your viewing pleasure. 

I turned the camera on, tried a loiter and it just wandered. I checked the mission planner - NO GPS FIX!?!?!?

What? I've just done an autoflight perfectly.

Thankfully before i stripped it all down my helpful friend pointed out that the only thing that i had changed was the camera - so i took it off and hey presto - a instant full 3D fix. This must be one hell of a noisy camera!

Watch this! 

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Thanks for the heads up, I've been waiting for a dry day in Seattle to fly with my new wing cam, you just $aved us! Cheers!

Glad to have been of assistance :)


I was using the 720p HK Wing camera extensively with GPS for quite some time now and I did not see any problem.

I am using Venus638FLPx GPS and the camera was as close as 15cm from the unit.

It could be possible that your GPS is sensitive to some other frequency than L1.

Would have to run the camera on spectrum analyzer if needed.

Did you try to wrap a bit of tin foil around the camera and then check it?

No. i threw it straight in a box of 'bits to fiddle with later'


I'll try next time I have a free moment, but to be honest it never was a patch on the gopro anyway

Hello mate! The same problem! My last flight could finish very sadly. The plan wanted to fly away. Just quick return to manual mode saved it.

Have the same cam.

Yes I crashed with it onbaord...Most likely motor fail...but my GPS lock was 10 sats all the way through.
So no issues there.

Cam was about 10cm from the GPS module.
Its Ublox.

Maybe only the mediatek is affected.

Same problem....I have a HK wing cam on the front of my quad running NAZA...I had great GPS lock....even did a great compass calibration.....then i noticed I had bad sat lock everytime I took off.....I noticed ( and by chance noticed)...that when I turned my wing cam on...I would lose sat locks....even did a calibration with the wing cam on...to see if that would callobrate in....NOPE.....took that cam off for sure...also at one point before I noticed the problem...I went out of controll for like two or three seconds and I switched from gps atti to just atti....and landed fine

Cameras are well known source of RF noise. Keep Rx's separated from Tx's. Frequencies of Tx should be higher than freq of Rxs. That way, no harmonics will get you. Most Rx front ends can be swamped be any frequency that is high power and close by. Inverse square law is your friend, use it. ESC and Cameras two big sources of noise.

So what do we need to do with these wing cams from HK?.....not use them?......thats my best idea for now.....or can we mount it lower below the deck......I may try to do a calibration that way...doubt it will work, compared to the significantly bad results we are getting so far

For those of you with the wing camera you may want to try encasing the camera in either a copper or aluminum foil. I had the same problem with my go pro 3. I encased it with aluminum and aluminum duck tape and I get a good gps lock.The other thing is get the camera as far away from the gps antenna as possible. If you double the distance of the camera from gps then you will reduce the interference to 1/4 of the original location. Finally practice putting your aircraft back to stabilize mode. 

I can confirm that.

I had a plane about 2 years ago and had the same issues with the 720P wingcam. It has an efficient jam-range of about 10-15cm. Looking at it with a spectrum analyzer (DVB-T stick) confirmed a massive noise spectrum coming out of it.

Edit: I was using an uBlox NEO-6, not the 3DR LEA-6.

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