Had 10 flights yesterday but no luck getting to WP's the model seems to be looking for the WP's.. but just gets further and further away. My question is. When a model arrives at the last WP, should it hold that position. Also when it arrives at the RTL position does it hold that position or does it see the mission is over and does it's own thing. Any thoughts please.

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I had a same doubt anyone who knows please tell
In my case, after the plane completed the last waypoint, it will goes to waypoint 0 (suppose to be the home position, but it just goes somewhere else). And after circling waypoing 0 for a while, the plane just repeat the route again (goes to waypoint 1,2,3....)
Another trial today, I have noticed that my rudder has a lot of throw to the left when the a/pilot calls for it, but has very little throw when called to turn right.
Any suggestions please.
I'd increase your heading gains. I'd start with line 4.2.
Ok will give it a go. Thanks
What do you think the radius value should be Chris

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