On USB power:

I add 5 waypoints and write them to APM memory. Everything works just fine.

On Battery power:

I add 5 waypoints and write them to APM memory. Then, over the next 1-2 minutes, waypoints 6-100 are written to memory (about 8-10 per second) with locations at the current GPS coordinates. Reading waypoints after 2 minutes shows 100 waypoints, only the first 5 of which were created by me.

The only other person who seems to have had this issue was here http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/waypoint-navigation-problem?x... and he seems to have solved it by reverting to a very old firmware version. I would like to avoid this, as it would mean abandoning future developments.

Any assistance would be most welcome.

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Please give the software versions (ArduPlane and Mission Planner) and hardware version that you're using. If they're not the latest, please upgrade and see if the issue remains. I can't replicate this on my boards. 

Hi Chris,


I had this on a APM 1.4 a few weeks back, it was RMA'ed to DIYD, a new one was sent back in its place I never did find out the why it was doing it, when the new one arrived it was working fine, no change in the mission planner / pc used etc at home.


Austin it might be worth talking with the store you bought it from about the issues you have and going forward from there.






APM 1.4, latest quad firmware from the latest mission planner.

Thanks Chris. I'm going to try swapping out the IMU first, to be thorough and because I have an extra one, and then RMA.

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