I am trying to make a non time based script that goes to multiple waypoints I found this

Note: this is a TIME-based script... it will guide the UAV to the next waypoint after waiting a specified amount of time. One would have to replace the "time.sleep(10)" lines with "Script.WaitFor('ARMING MOTORS',30000)" [and replace 'ARMING MOTORS' with whatever notification Mission Planner usually provides upon arriving to a waypoint] to replicate the mission plan creation (i.e., go to next waypoint after arriving at previous waypoint).

My question is what notification does mission planner provide upon arriving at a waypoint

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Hi Al

Did you succeeded finding the mission planner notification when arriving to WP?

Yes and no. I know that mission planner reports in the message window when it reaches a waypoint but it doesn't report all of them. Let's say I have 10 waypoints in my flight plan sometimes it will report 5 of the 10 others times it will report 8 or 2. It is very inconsistent.

what is the notification that it givs you?

which you are puting  instead ARMING MOTORS in this command - Script.WaitFor('ARMING MOTORS',30000) 


I'm just looking in the message window right now and it says "reached waypoint #", but it does not list all the waypoints. It mays say reached waypoint #2 then reached waypoint #5 , it looks like it makes it to 3 and 4 but doesn't give me the messages foe those. Next time I run the same plan it may report a different list of points it reached.

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