I recently upgraded my field computer to an ASUS TM100 with Windows 8. My problem is that the waypoint table columns are compressed and I can't seem to figure out how to expand them so I can see everything in the fields. Is there a way to expand? Pic shows problem. Thanks.

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Well, its even worse when I load a waypoint file.

Mine sometimes has the super compressed table, after adding a waypoint or clicking on the map it goes out to the more normal table.  The only column I can widen is the Waypoint number column.

I am experiencing the same behavior. You can see the best I get in the first post. It still does not let me easily verify altitude which is what I am most concerned about.

Have you tried clicking the map.  When I do, I can see the Alt column plainly.  If I change from a two place alt (say 20) to a three place (like 100) the column widens to show the three digits.

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