Web based Aerial Imagery and UAV Flight Tracker with Ortho-Mosaic/GIS/KMZ Tile Builder

Hello fellow UAVers,


My UAV partner (Ross) and I have been working on a project that we'd love to get some feedback and additional ideas for. Our intention is to allow free access to this web based tool and also a really cheap subscription model per month (think $4 range) to support hosting costs and the large amount of cpu processing power needed to generate maps. The free users will get all the same features but lower resolution imagery and possibly less accurate georeferenced tiles/tiffs/added watermarks to support the site. No ads. 

Our software and backend servers use tons of different open source packages to complete the process of georeferencing and building image mosaics. We are also trying to offer an "easy to use" UI to view each flight and all the associated data. We really hope you enjoy our ideas! We are planning to open the site up to beta users by request in a month or so. Please keep an eye out for more information on that.

At this point the system exports the follow:
* GeoTiff Mosaic Georeferenced (non blended)
* Tiff Mosaic (blended)
* KMZ Layer
* Geoserver GeoTiff
* World Files
* KML of Flight Paths
* All Data is Downloadable 

We've been having some problems getting our own flight systems up and running, ranging from a bad MUX on an APM 1 (thanks for fixing!), APM2 delays, and code issues with the Tri-Copter platform. This has prevented us from getting amazing imagery on our own at this point. :( Lucky, the awesome guys at Petryx UAV posted a ton of sample imagery which is so cool! Pteryx FTP Sample Imagery

We can't wait to open the site to beta users so you can test your own imagery and flight paths, hopefully at that point we will have our own platform up and running!

So, here we go -- some screenshots and comments:

Upload your flight imagery and Ardulog/GPX/Petryx/CSV log file.

Imagery and Flight Processing Queue

Imagery Dashboard w/ Flight Path, GeoTIFF served via Geoserver, Blended and Georeferenced Mosaics

Same as above, different flight.

Georeferenced View w/ Google Earth API - Shows Tiles, Flight Path

Second Part of Georefenced View - Shows GeoTiff Mosaic Preview and Metadata

Third Part of Georeferenced View - Shows Additional Maps

Blended Mosaic

Our Tricopter platform. Quadcopter and also Skywalker platforms we've been testing!

We would love to hear some questions and comments!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support,

DM Team (JP and Ross)

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Looks rad!   just what I wanted for my UAV.  my apm2 shipped last night whooo!

thanks! i can't wait to get my APM2. jealous! :)

Great news! Just what we need! As example, I think pix4d does a great job for a high price.
I am always willing to test service, we got nice gps ground data to compare with.
best regards and great news!

thanks @Erik .. check out my blog for some more information. :) we have a test period going on right now

Hi guys,

Pretty impressive service you are offering here, well done, will hopefully be able to make good use of it asap, when I'll be setup with all my gear. I'm actually heading towards orthomosaic activity, currently building hexa 3DR for that, and seeking as much advice as I can. Would you be able to tell what setup you used for the camera mount, the camera itself, and whether you have compensation mecanism to keep the cam in ortho configuration?

any info much appreciated


Just wondering if this is still around and what the website is?


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