I have a weird behavior in loiter/poshold.

When i'm loiter and I want to yaw my copter, it's drifting backwards for about 3-4 meters and than will slowly go back to it's position where it started from.

Doesn't matter if I yaw right or left. It always "pulls back" a few meters and returns to "0" position.

In the pics I took from the log you can see that the Y is acting good, but the X looks like it's mirroring.

Can someone point me out the right way.

Thanks in advance.

FC is a Mini APM 3.1 running arducopter 3.2.1

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By "mirroring" I mean that the NTUN.DPosX is the opposite of the NTUN.DVelX value.

I've (re)calibrated the external compass and autotuned the copter. GPS had 9 sats.

nobody any idea???

Without knowing what exactly caused my problem, I found the "solution".

Started right from the beginning.

Flashed the APM mini and calibrated and (auto)tuned everything all over again.

Flies fine now...........


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