So i'm having a weird problem with Taranis, dragonlink, ppm, or pixhawk I'm not sure really what it is.

I'm using a Taranis controller, dragonlinlink TX/RX PPM to pixhawk. My quad flies great, tested in all modes. all channels operate correctly in the RC calibrate screen. 

I'm using 6 channels, but gimbal tilt is mapped to channel 7, with channel 6 doing nothing.

My problem is, when I move the gimbal slider all the way in one direction, to make the gimbal look up... my pitch and roll stick become reversed. IE when i push the pitch stick forward, instead my quad rolls to the right. and when I pitch back, instead my quad rolls to the left.

Now if i move the gimbal slider back down so the gimbal looks down, the controlls return to normal, and pitch controls pitch, roll controls roll.

I tried to recreat the issue while the quad was disarmed. While lookling at my RC calibrate screen, i moved the throttle to mid stick to simulate hover, and moved the gimbal slider all the way up to make the gimbal look up. When i move my pitch stick forward, pitch moves as it should, not effecting roll at all on the RC Calibrate screen. But sure enough, when i try to actually fly again.... When I make the gimbal look up, my pitch stick starts making the quad roll instead. 

I'm guessing this has to do with PPM framing or something with my PPM signal, but that's really just a guess and i'm not sure. My taranis PPM setting is set to CH 1-10, 26.5ms 300u +. I've tried changing it to CH 1-7, and also increasing my pulse legnth, but still the same problem.

Any ideas? I'm lost.

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Thanks! I just discovered openTX companion so i was messing with that and tried a firmware update on the taranis so I'll test fly shortly. Not to savvy when it comes to radio setup so yeahhh it's set up pretty simple lol. 

The gimbal gets power from the flight pack, only signal and ground going to the gimbal controller from the RX. it's a brushless gimbal using martinez board.

Okay, just flew very shortly after Taranis FW update.... couldn't do a full flight bc i've been doing all these short test flights on the same battery but it works!!!!!

So far anyway... only flew about 3 min. It even let me go in position hold with the gimbal pot all the way up and have full control.

So maybe it was a firmware issue on the Taranis, hard to say... I don't want to say the problem is solved yet, because in some other test flights it flew fine shortly then the pitch/roll started to mix up. This was the only time ever I could switch to position hold, gimbal pot up, and still have full control though.

Thanks for your help, i'll post back after a longer flight. 

Well... just flew again... and i did find my real problem.

I was flying and it flew fine at first, then i started to fly around the yard and the controls got mixed up again..... then i flew back infront me and controls are fine. I fly away and controlls get screwy again... wait.... it's acting like it's in super simple mode!

Got my laptop out, checked PID page and sure enough..... ch 7 option is set to super simple! No wonder!!!!!!!

:) I am happy to have finally fixed this. Just a dumb mistake on my part...

Haha!  Whew.  Congrats on the fix!

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