What 3D Design software do you recommend for designing a drone and its parts?

I have been using only 123D Design so far and its been great but I'm wondering if there is a better software. I would be willing to pay some money for a better software.

As well I am curious to know if there is a software to test aerodynamics for drone and just testing drone aerodynamics in general.

Thanks in advance!

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I switched from 123D to Designspark mechanical (also free) a while ago.   It has a few more features with managing components and versions, and seems a little better suited to 'engineering' type of projects than 123D.

Screenshot below the UI.  This is the bottom half of a frame I'm working on now.  I made mockup models of a Lidar-lite, pxflow, and my VTX to act as placeholders in the model.

Thanks for the reply, I will see to be using the software soon!

Aerodynamics: Aeolus ASP provides fast model generation, aerodynamic analysis and optimization. Its a free tool and allows you to test different configurations and immediately see the effect on aerodynamics, performance etc.

Aeolus ASP free download: https://www.aeolus-aero.com/software/

Hi There, we're survey company that using drone in Indonesia. we're using Solidworks to modelling airframe and material design

here the screenshot

CopterCAD (free) can be used for preliminary design, in order to explore concepts. Let me know what kind of features you want to see.

I understand 123D Design was based on Inventor. I've always designed in Inventor and occasionally export to Solidworks for fluid simulations but I've gotten very familiar with the workflow in Inventor.

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