I know that CANaerospace and MAVLink are frequently used, but I am having trouble finding out what DJI uses and what 3DR uses.

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what autopilots use this?

Thanks James. I have been trying to figure this out for a while.

How does UAVCAN compare to MAVLink?

It seems that protocol wise mavlink copied UAVCAN but maybe I am wrong

Mavlink has existed long before UAVCAN.

Mavlink existed in the 90's ?

The CAN specification has existed since the 90s. Not the UAVCAN protocol.
Mavlink is pre-2009, from the original Pixhawk student team.
UAVCAN came later.

Both should merge as they are so similar.It would make development easier and reduce complexity on equipment and interfaces.

They were spec'ed for different purposes.

CAN is a high speed onboard interconnect. MAVLink is an offboard interconnect, primarily designed to interface with a GCS or other MAVs.

The OSI layers above number 4 (transport) are identical in terms of protocol. The message definitions are of course spec'ed for UAVs.

What's the typical transmission speed for UAVCAN?

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