I'm on finals building my first 3Drobotics Hexacopter with the bigger 880 motors.

I've tried to find recommendations for LiPo:s but haven't really found any good advice.

It appears that a 3 cell package is correct but which capacity (mAh:s) would be a good choice?



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I've used 2200's, 3000's and 5000mAh on my quad, the 2200's give about 7 minutes and the 5000's 15 minutes of hovering. The extra weight of a hex will cause a higher amp draw overall so I'd go for at least 5000mAh.

I'm building my first Hex; I went with 3S 500mha. 
Glad to find out I should get 15m at hover

Hi Richard.  Read this thread from James.   Link

He has got 25mins flight time with 2x 5000mah lipos in parallel

Would not a 4S be a better choice with a hexa using 880s? I really don't know, but the little I've learned so far is pushing me towards a hexa as my second multi that I would use to carry some actual payload, so I'm paying attention and gathering info (in my head) on all things hexa.

Here's my thought process: I use a 3S 3300mAh with a 3DR-B quad. So a 3S 5000mAh is ~50% larger than that to power 50% more motors on a similar-style hexa...so ballparking it they'll give a similar flight time. That's not considering the hexa's payload and extra battery weight. IMO that's when it's time to bump up the pack voltage instead of just its capacity. I'll see what others think, just thinking out loud at this point...


check out this thread I started which discusses 3s vrs 4s for a hexa.


I can't access that link, do you have the info in some other way/place? Thanks.

15 min was from a lightweight quad using less than 16 amps, a hex will get much less, 12 mins maybe for a lightweight one from a 5000mAh

Thanks. I see the 3s seems to still be preferred. That sure will be convenient for me!

It is a complicated dance between battery size and endurance... I guess you would probably only choose to use a higher battery voltage when you start running into current limitations of your gear (like the ESCs) or discharge rate limitations of your cell type.

I am fairly new with quads and I haven't built a hex yet, but after playing with my quad using 5000mAh batteries, I can fly it for about 12min, and I use 880kv motors as well with 30A ESC's and 10x4.5 props.

For a hex, I would go for the same 5000mAh batteries but I would use 2 in parallel for more fun :)

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