Hi again ,

I am still having problem in Auto modes using Pixhack FC

My Question is

What's the different between ( Absolute , Relative , Terrain ) Altitude in Mission planner ?

Whats is the function of the check box ( verify Height ) ?

also in the right side under Home Location there are

Lat : -------------

Long : ------------

Alt (abs ) :-----------

Dose Alt (abs ) effect the flight altitude ?

Why always altitude keep drop in auto mode ?

this is my screen captured for the mission planner  , flight plane Tab

dose there any problem in my MP version,?

hope I can figure out any useful information ,,

regards ..

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"Altasl" is 100% baro by default. And I've checked parameters the ALT_MIX is set to baro. When the plane moves/stays on ground over the span of minutes the "altasl" value jumps way high while alt stays almost the same. The plane flies OK and the pix hawk is working fine. I just can't understand this altasl and alt difference.


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