Hi all.
I've build 3 multi rotors in the past 3 months
2 X-copters and 1 hexacopter all with FPV but RC control only
I've used Arduino-mini pro, KK2 and DJI Naza for FC's

I would now like to go UAV -
I've decided on the APM 2.5 but what else will I need to actually do UAV?
Do I get the navigation software with the APM purchase?
So far I thbink i need -
Telemetry system
Sonar sensor
OSD (do I really need?)
Optical flow sensor (do I really need?)

Any advice is welcome please...

PS - I'm thinking of converting my quad X-copter into UAV
It's a 550mm frame

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The software for APM 2.5 is free. Download the Mission Planner and follow the wiki manual for steps to config and fly. OSD is for On Screen Display for FPV. Optical Flow is optional, but not needed. Sonar helps with low altitude hold, about 7 meters or less.
Good Luck and Merry Christmas,

He hit the nail on the head! The software is free (open source) and tha'ts with unlimited waypoints so there is no need to fork out another $1000 for more then 5 waypoints. Most people run the following:

APM 2.5+

3DR Telemetry (optional, you can fly missions without however it's very nice to have)

Max Sonar 1200

And the rest is standard R/C and/or FPV. Now depending on how your going to get your FPV, OSD will either be an added bonus, or completely unnecessary. If your going to be flying FPV with a computer then you can watch it through the mission planner and have all the data already overlayed on the video feed. If your going to use goggles then it's only necessary if your going to use the data to help you fly. Only you can answer that one.

If you're flying outdoors in open areas, you only need the APM2.5 (with gps) and a telemetry system.

As mentioned, sonar is optional and is used for reading altitude from 20cm up to 7 meters.

Optical flow is optional and the software is still in development (as far as I know), but is a good tool for holding a position without needing GPS.

Info about the mission planner: http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Mission


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