Hi, everyone, in fact I am quite new in drone area, so I wanna ask if I need to equip a drone with a LiDAR for altitude holding and even auto-guide. What do you think of this LiDAR. Does it count? I need some advice. Here is the link in Robotshop.


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All right. Hope they can solve the problem soon.

And I am curious about the test of TFmini, the blind area of TFmini is 30cm, that is actually right. Have you set it in a drone? Or what do you use it for? Beyond the 30cm, does it work well? 

And thank you for your advice.

Luc Maximilien said:

The  Lw20 has a waterproof enclosure so it is not possible to solder wires to serial output , you have to send back the unit to a lightware assistance center.

I  did just a short test  with the  TF-mini , I do not like the fact that under 30 cm , where the sensor is not supposed to work, the manufacturer call it "blind area" , the reading jump from 30 cm to 1,5 meters.
So do not forget to set the right parameter in range finder parameters.

Latest News: CE30 Solid-state LiDAR Update 

The update log of Benewake solid-state LiDAR CE30 is in the following.

⦁ Datasheet
The latest datasheets and operation manuals are available.
《DE-LiDAR CE30-A Datasheet - V011-EN》
《DE-LiDAR CE30-A operation manual - V008-EN》

《DE-LiDAR CE30-C Datasheet-V010-EN》
《DE-LiDAR CE30-C Operation Manual - V007》

Download: http://benewake.com/down.html
Consult: bw@benewake.com

⦁ User-defined ID/IP
⦁ CAN – obstacle avoidance mode:
⦁ User-defined Baud Rate – to match the baud rate of other devices in CAN bus
⦁ User-defined CAN-ID including data ID, heartbeat ID, command ID and config ID – to install multiple CE30-A devices in one CAN bus
See instructions in CE30-A Datasheet, page 10,Chapter 4.1.4.
⦁ Point-cloud IP
User-defined IP address – to install multiple CE30-C devices in one robot
See instructions in CE30-C Datasheet, page 11,Chapter 7.1.
⦁ Wide input voltage
The input voltage used to be 12V DC. Now it is updated to 11-25V.

In case of further questions, please refer to bw@benewake.com.

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