• the frog is also RFF around $300



    Sextant Frog 230 230mm RTF Kit [Sextant Frog 230 L230-1] - $360.00 : RC UAS systems offthegridsun.c…
    RC UAS systems Sextant Frog 230 230mm RTF Kit [Sextant Frog 230 L230-1] - Sextant Frog 230 230mm RTF Kit L230 FEATURE Net weight of…
    • I was looking at the Hubsan X4 H501S before, I never knew it could carry a GoPro, that is a good one, Thanks. The frog looks cool as well, Ill check that one out.

      • L16 not hudsun

    • that is a toy. If toy is acceptable, then may as well save couple hundred bucks and go for the cheerson 32s

      or 32w if you want the video on the phone

      • No GPS on either of those and brushed motors which burn out at random, low flight times (like in 3-5 minutes) and cannot fly in the least windy conditions. Been there, done that.

        I don't know if the Hubsan is a good MR or not, but I assume he wants something that actually flies without worrying about 5-10 mph winds blowing it away, and with GPS to at least come close to a pseud-autonomous flight machine.


        Try putting a GoPro on a Cheerson 32

        Truth is, there isn't much out there for $300 that's going to give you everything. Building one is an option, but the OP didn't say he wanted to do that.

        • calling that thingy as gimbal is like calling gopro as hasselblad.

          To be realistic, for $300,  I believe OP better save up until he can double up the budget for a phantom 3 standard ($499). P3S is a solid AP platform. With DJI Go app and the phone as the fpv monitor, it can pass as a make shift fpv platform, (just don't do any fpv racing).

          • I agree cause in the long run the cheaper ones won't give what you're looking for. I have a few cheaper ones and if I jad saved that momey I vould have bought a more quality drone.
        • Cheerson CX 20 GPS-  No FPV

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