Can you please help me find a drone that can is under the budget of $300 that has smooth stable flight. It has to be FPV as well.


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Cool, but does anyone have any view on the DJI F450. I found that out a few days ago and it looks cool to mess around with even when not flying e.g turning it into an x8 heavy-lift.

My first drone was a Blade 350QX, I used it mainly for FPV. One thing, you have to realize though, this hobby is expensive. A good drone will cost more than $300 dollars easily, in addition, all the necessary FPV gear will also cost money. So all these setup could easily add up to $600 and or even thousands.

My 1st drone cost me $450 dollars, it was a BNF kit, that required a radio transmitter to fly it. The radio itself was around $350 dollars, then the FPV gear cost me around $500 dollars. (All this in Australian dollars).

As you can see, its not cheap. But if you shop around you can find a good deal. Hobbyking sells really cheap stuff, so it might be a good place for you, if you are tight on budget.

As for the F450 frame, I am currently using it on my drone, that I've built. Its very robust and has good space for putting electronics. But you will need to buy all the electronics and set it all up yourself.

If you're going to be building a drone, I would recommend the FrSky Teranis Radio. Any real FPV flyer will recommend so.. The radio is not that expensive and will cost a lot less than the most popular brands. Spektrum or Futaba and its open source by the way...

For the FPV gear, I would recommend the ImmersionRC or Lumenier brands respectively. I've used them in the past and have nothing to complain about.

Francisco K its a very expensive hobby. I have the Iris+ from 3DR and it was around 700 and came with no gimbal or camera. So I spent an additional 150 on a gimbal that I couldn't even get to work with it. But I was telling him about this new drone I have called the hoverdrone360. For 499 I got the drone a case for it a gimbal 16mp action camera tracker and a watch to control it. Othwr than thw watch having a slight delay in the controls its an awesome drone. Has all the features of the expensive ones like follow me and return to launch ect. It also can fly in a circle with the push of button.

Before you dive in with massive dollars I would seriously take a look at the Hubsan H107D or D+  - around $150.

Spend $50 on some batteries (+ a 4 battery at a time charger) and a crash pack

No goggles, but comes with everything and is really fun to fly...and easy on crashes because of low mass. Learn to fly on it, then decide what you want to do.

If you want to get goggles, then get some cheap ones

If you decide to go for autonomous and not an FPV racer then you will already know how to fly...and spend less repairing your new, more expensive quad.'ll have the Hubsan to fly around inside during Winter.

I have just checked their website and the hoverdrone360 looks quite a decent drone to be honest.

Are they American or Chinese made?

Just bought a F450 a week ago from for under $200. Added an old APM 2.5, GPS,Telemetry and a 8 amp 3S battery and so far I am very happy.  Still tuning a bit.


David R. Boulanger

Its an American company and I'm happy with mine.

I had a small look at the Walkera f210, seems decent. The Walkera Furious 320 is sick though, it can apparently go 120 km/h. It is fast. 

Thanks for letting me know, I might buy one in the near future. 

That's how my F450 quad is setup at the moment. I'm planning on replacing my current FC (APM2.6) with the Pixhawk flight controller. What's your flight time at the moment? Thanks.

There are many drones around $100, most of them are fixed wing (called airplanes). They have smooth stable flight.

Look at something like the Bix3 for FPV.

Then start adding transmitter (unless you have), for another $50-$250 depending on what you want.

Add a camera + VTX, depending on quality pay $25 and up. Then get a receiver + HobbyKing Quanum FPV box on head (This is what I use), or a receiver + 7" screen.

If you are already into flying, all you would need is a $100 Bix + a $15 receiver, and you would reuse your batteries, transmitters, and video equipment. Will fly without flight controller. You can then later add APM + M8N. Total $55 from China for clone.

If you want smooth stable and a quad, look for DJI Phantom 2 with DJI camera. Still better than APM.

Like in most sports, starting out is expensive (LiPos, charger, Video equipment and Transmitter which you share between planes/quads).

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