Can you please help me find a drone that can is under the budget of $300 that has smooth stable flight. It has to be FPV as well.


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Have you noticed the esc, only 6A.

that is a toy. If toy is acceptable, then may as well save couple hundred bucks and go for the cheerson 32s

or 32w if you want the video on the phone

No GPS on either of those and brushed motors which burn out at random, low flight times (like in 3-5 minutes) and cannot fly in the least windy conditions. Been there, done that.

I don't know if the Hubsan is a good MR or not, but I assume he wants something that actually flies without worrying about 5-10 mph winds blowing it away, and with GPS to at least come close to a pseud-autonomous flight machine.


Try putting a GoPro on a Cheerson 32

Truth is, there isn't much out there for $300 that's going to give you everything. Building one is an option, but the OP didn't say he wanted to do that.

calling that thingy as gimbal is like calling gopro as hasselblad.

To be realistic, for $300,  I believe OP better save up until he can double up the budget for a phantom 3 standard ($499). P3S is a solid AP platform. With DJI Go app and the phone as the fpv monitor, it can pass as a make shift fpv platform, (just don't do any fpv racing).

yes 6a all you need it will even carry a GoPro

I was looking at the Hubsan X4 H501S before, I never knew it could carry a GoPro, that is a good one, Thanks. The frog looks cool as well, Ill check that one out.

I agree cause in the long run the cheaper ones won't give what you're looking for. I have a few cheaper ones and if I jad saved that momey I vould have bought a more quality drone.

L16 not hudsun

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