I wasn't sure where to put this as far as category but, I need a recommendation I am wanting to replace my CC3D Revolution on my 550 with something APM. So I am needing a recommendation from you guys. These are the things I am wanting.

GPS modes, Positionhold, VelocityRoam, Total Autonomous waypoints all those goodies,

I am mainly going to be using the quad for aerial  videography and photography, SO gimbal control would be nice.

I would like to be able to hook OSD directly to flight controller and OSD get its telemetry info to display from the FC

 Also would like the ability to add sensors to it. Basic ones at first, V/I sensor and then others.

RSSI would be nice

Would like to FC to have onboard barometer.

I have looked and seen there are several choices out there I was looking heavily at the PixHawk but wanted to ask before I purchased anything. I made that mistake with the Revolution.... Is the PixHawk overkill would a regular APM2.8 work? or the ardupilot mega be better? Thanks for the guidance.

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Geta Pixhawk 2.1 or a Pixracer. APM2.x is outdated and won't get newest firmwares.

Nope! The link which you posted is not bad but the followings have improved sensors and processor:

For original Pixracer have a look here:




They should be back in stock again in couple of days.

For the Pixhawk2.1 have a look here:


I like the size of the pixracer.....what are the main advatages of choosing the pixhawk2 over the pixracer

Definitely Pixhawk is the way to go for all of that functionality and more.

Pixhawk2.1 has more outputs. One more redundant sensor and dampened IMUs. Pixracer is an amazing board and will serve your needs very god.

The site you provided for the pixhawk2 doesnt have price. I like the look of it and the modular design is really interesting. The pixracer is 100bucks. Which isnt bad. Escpecially because of the community behind it. Alot better than the librepilot community.

Pixhawk2.1 is around 200$.

SO $100 more for an extra sensor and damped IMU's and more outputs.......What is the benefit of having damped IMU's over the pixracer? I want my 550 to be rock solid in gps modes. I am going to see that much of a difference between the pixracer and pixhawk2

If you don't need the extra outputs, I hope, you are not going to see much differences, you only need to damped the pixracer but, if you think to add extra functions later, you are going to have more limitations with the pixracer; both FC support firmware  developers, have latest sensors and nice quality; you can find cheaper there but not support developers team and you don't have quality guarantee.

The pixracer already has alot more inputs that the revo. I have the revo totally filled up but not in need of any more so i will prolly choose the pixracer. Also, just to make sure i am understanding correctly what does it mean when it says damped imu's? Vs non damped

Sorry my bad english but something like this.

The sensors are affected by high vibrations, if your copter have them, you need to dampen them (not always), the Pix 2 have the sensors dampened but not the pixracer so, if you have high vibration you need something to isolate them, here you can find a lot info how to do it: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/vibration-isolation-and-dampening... 

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