I wasn't sure where to put this as far as category but, I need a recommendation I am wanting to replace my CC3D Revolution on my 550 with something APM. So I am needing a recommendation from you guys. These are the things I am wanting.

GPS modes, Positionhold, VelocityRoam, Total Autonomous waypoints all those goodies,

I am mainly going to be using the quad for aerial  videography and photography, SO gimbal control would be nice.

I would like to be able to hook OSD directly to flight controller and OSD get its telemetry info to display from the FC

 Also would like the ability to add sensors to it. Basic ones at first, V/I sensor and then others.

RSSI would be nice

Would like to FC to have onboard barometer.

I have looked and seen there are several choices out there I was looking heavily at the PixHawk but wanted to ask before I purchased anything. I made that mistake with the Revolution.... Is the PixHawk overkill would a regular APM2.8 work? or the ardupilot mega be better? Thanks for the guidance.

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$60 PixHack on ebay., if you want to save money, APM 2.x are as low as $21 (on BG or xtxinte). Stay away from on board mag (or be able to disable them).


Are you looking for a flight controller for aerial  videography and photography? There are so many flight controllers are suited to be photography , such as Aeroquad32, APM2.8,Openpilot CC3D, Mikro Kopter,Acro Naze32 etc. What's differece of them?  I suggest you check this post Flight controller board comparison . After reading it ,you will know which one is the best.

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