I'm  thinking about setting up a 3DR Quad Frame for heavier lifting than the standard setup.

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I also noticed there is a new version of the frame, 3DR Quad D Frame Kit.

I've used 12x38 props with 880kV motors on the 3DR Quad frame.

Hi Garrick, I wasn't planning on using the 3DR motors, I've been looking at different motors that will support up to a 14 inch props. I'm interested in the max prop size the frame will support (based on the distances between the ends of the arms).

I started putting the quad together and can confirm the 3DR Quad Frame accommodates 14 inch props.

Can you confirm 14" props fit on this 3dr quad frame?  Also I am curious about battery and motor recommendations for longest flight times possible.    Thanks

I have the 2014 Quad X Frame you show in the picture and in the default configuration it only supports 11" props.  There are two ways you can build the frame, "default" as shown on the 3dr.com/learn website or with swept back rear arms.  The new kit includes additional holes in the frame for this configuration though I can't find any documentation regarding this setup.  I want to use 12" props myself so I'm going to configure it this way.  I don't know yet if this requires you to configure the frame type as "V" in mission planner but I'll report back once I find out.

Just a follow up.  By using the alternate mounting holes on the rear legs the frame will accommodate 12" props.  14" props wont work as there is only 2 inches of space between the front and rear props.  I configured my setup as a "V" type frame in Mission Planner and so far it flies with out issue.

looks great! i'm thinking of building 1 as well. Stanley, are you intending to install a brushless gimbal? Does the quad have space or mounting holes for that? thanks! =)

Yes this version of the 3DR quad has mounting holes for a gimbal but you'll need an adapter plate.  The only place I've been able to find it is here;


This works perfectly with the Tarot 2d Gimbal that I already had.

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