There is an unkown falling with my copter.Any help is appreciated.

The log file,tlog file and the configuration file are in the attachment.

The unkown falling is at 95% of the tlog file.Thanks for your attention and help.

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It looks like your board supply voltage drops as low as 4.55v at some points.  It's likely that your board is browning out.  The voltage tolerance for the board is 5 +/- 0.25v so anything below 4.75 is not good.


     Thanks for your reply.If the board was browning out,there must be a "failsafe" reponse.I analysed the log file,I have n't found "failsafe".

As far as I know, there is no failsafe for low board voltage. If the board doesn't have proper voltage, it will be unable to navigate the craft since it doesn't have enough voltage to stay powered on. I would get a 5v BEC for power to the board. It seems you are using an Esc to power the copter since it is a 6s. Do you have all of the Esc wires plugged in to the board? Multiple power sources could cause the voltage problems you are seeing.

Thank you.I will change the way for the power supply.

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