What is the smallest ArduCopter capable flight controller?

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The one made by Sky Rocket that`s in the new Sky Viper:


This is about where Tridge shows the size of the controller board.

Many of the flight controllers typically associated with Betaflight, iNav, etc, can be flashed to arducopter.  I use a Kakute F7 all-in-one...but there are many others.  All these are FAR smaller and lighter and integrated than the Pixhawk world.  A quick calculation for me is that I saved 175 grams using the Kakute F7 as opposed to a Pixhawk, OSD, power sensor, telemetry, etc etc.

It's funny how this post is from 9/2017. BTW, here's a Kakute F7 all wired up.

Will do. BTW, here's a pic of a toasted Tekko32 that I had attached to a Kakute F4 V2:

she was really unstable with the stock ArduCopter PIDs.

Thomas Butler said:

I wonder what caused the frying of the 4-in-1?

I fried also once a 4in1. Since then I use an additional capacitor on the power inlet pads 1000uF. Especiall if using 6S the voltage Spikes can destroy the esc. Never had issues afterwards. There are a lot of informations available in youtube i.e. from „drone mash“ about that issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLRBl-2egpo

Take a look at the solder joints of those capacitors;cracked. Perhaps the mfgr owes you a refund! Looks like they are trying to hide that defect with HOT MELT GLUE! Pictures on their web site show solder defects too.

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