Hello, im a total newbie so excuse my ignorance. I just got really interested in quads and want to build my first. Just starting in buying the parts

This is the look im going for:

I have already purcased a frame for 30usd:

Wingspan: 600mm


Now whats next, how do i find the best motors? Are theese good:?


Can one use the parts that i saw in the blog on this site named; Everything for less that 100:


Or anything else?

And what about stability? Anything i need to keep it stable?

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U need batteries, RC Tx/Rx radio, I personally would stick with DIY drone electronics motors, esc, and APM2, you will get lots more help here at DIY drones. You can use ur frame witch looks pretty nice. For the RC radio I would check out the turnigy 9ch at hobby king. Use 4000 - 5000 mha 11.1v 3s lipo batteries.

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