Here is my quad video:



Power board doesn't exists, just I soldered + wires together and - wires together.

APM 1.4 with latest ArduCopter code. Uploaded via Mission Planner.

Did leveling process successfully

Did radio setup process successfully

Did frame set to + mode

Before everything just erased eeprom using erase command on terminal

IMU Shield is attached as you may see in video

ESCs calibrated all at once successfully.

Propellers CW and CCW successfully attached and front, back, left, right attached to APM properly.


Frame is made from Balsa Wood.


ESC: DualSky ESC 25A

Motors: DualSky 980KV (XM2830CA-12)

Battery: 3000mah 11.1V 30C


Entire quad weight: 910 grams


What do you think now?

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Yes, that's not my problem, see my last 3 comments. It's further than that problem. I have seen those pages and obeyed all instructions there already

I have the same problem... I'm uploading a video right now.

Hope someone will find the problem.. 

Great! May some one solve the problem. I know a lot of more people looking for same solution. Just some lucky people get it working

Ok, folks.  With so many people seemingly having these flipping problems, I would like to use this discussion to focus attention on the issue.  I don't rule out software or hardware problems, but it can cause by your particular configuration.  

Please post the logs, downloaded using the Mission Planner, Terminal->download logs function, that they can be analysed.

I currently have no logs because i dont have an Xbee conected to my ArduCopter, i will try flying it with USB connected.

But here is the video:

Mark here's a graph of your last log, with roll_in(red) and roll(blue) plotted.

As you can see, you roll_in is not zero, which it should be if your trims and stick was centred.  From the looks of things, You have not calibrated your radio, AFTER centreing all the trims on your radio transmitter.

Also from you description of your motor test, one or more of you motors is getting intermitent signals.  This is either a bad connection at the signal in, or at the bullet connectors.  You need to check all of them and re-run your motor test.  There's no point in trying to fly, if the motor test does not pass.  You will just crash it.

Try to move your receiver. The antennas are to close to the ESC.

Dan, you don't need telemetry for tlogs.  Just plug in the USB, and go to mission planner, and download them.

Btw, that's an awesome frame.  Saves you a log of props. ;-)

What do you mean by "a little"?  The motor test is supposed to spin the motors for a short period of time each in succession, with a regular delay in between.  If you motor is starting an stopping intermittently, then there is a problem.

Lol, Thanks it's from Carbon Fiber :)

I'm away right now, i will upload the logs first thing tommorow :)

No, it is not.  On a level surface without any motion or vibrations, and motors not running. The lines should be flat.

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