I just calibratet my ESCs and now I would like to connect my receiver (FrSky D8R) on to my ardu.


But: I looked here: http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/Quad_ESC


I now need to find Thr, Ele, Ail, Rud and the two extra channels on my 8 receiver outputs. I want to use a servo an just move the sticks until I know where everything is.


Unfortunately I don't know what stick and what axis is Ail, ele, or rud.


Can someone help me?






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I think it is...






I mean:


left stick: up/down   = THr

left stick: right/left   =  ?

right stick: up/down = ?

right stick: right/left = ?



Never mind:


you seem to have worked out that on your transmitter left stick up/down is throttle (you should be able to tell that if it sticks in the position you leave it i.e. it doesn't return to the centre). If that is true for your left stick your transmitter is almost certainly Mode 2 meaning...

left stick: up/down   = THr

left stick: right/left   =  rudder

right stick: up/down = elevator

right stick: right/left = ailerons


hope that helps Paul

Thanks for your help,

I now was able to connect everything according to the wiki.


The only thing left to do is to secure the electronics on my own frame and then flash the RC2.



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