What to do if you are not able to get your questions answered here...

I have scanned this particular forum going back to early 2013, and have seen so many worthy ideas and questions that have received little or no feedback.

My recommendation is that if you post a question here, and are not able to get the answers you need  within a week or two, go to Youtube and do some searches there. There is a lot of info there, even uncommon concepts, and real innovation. If you don't find the answers you are looking for there, you might instead find another way to do the same thing, such as an advanced google/internet search.

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I understand what you are saying. I have seen this problem in other particular forums as well though.

I just want to ask a couple simple questions:

#1: Wouldn't it be nice if people with good questions and good ideas would get a little more (if, sometimes, any at all) positive feedback? Would that not advance the whole community, directly or indirectly?

#2: What about these people who are eager to be offended, and without offering anything positive to say, attack, attack, attack, and who would probably not be satisfied with anything the person they are attacking could offer?
Does the fact that they can do so freely not harm the whole community directly or indirectly?

Thank you.

Unfortunately, Trolls will be Trolls. There will always be Trolls and no amount of cajoling or debating will ever change that. Every forum I have ever seen has it's share of Trolls. The best defense against the Trolls of the world is to simply ignore them. Don't feed them and they will move on. I know it's hard to ignore the disrespectful and sometimes infuriatingly ignorant behavior of Trolls, but remember to have some compassion; they are after all ugly, stupid and generally disgusting creatures universally despised by all.

Your efforts are commendable and I hope you will continue to offer support and encouragement wherever you see the need. Just remember to avoid getting dragged into the negative banter that dilutes the message your trying to make.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

I agree %100. Just don't respond it's not worth the time. For wherever shortcoming this site can have from time to time it has to be one of the most polite and respectful I have used. 

Please post some good ideas. If they are good maybe they will generate interest..........

Bringing this back to topic...

Three very simple statements here.

1. Make sure that the idea / question hasn't already been given / asked.

2. Make sure the comment / question is posted in the correct group.

3. Ask the question privately to a person who is a SME in that area if you're still having problems.

Hi J Smith,

So where are the good questions which went unanswered?

Few things to remember here.we all try to answer most of the times and it is human tendency to offer advice/answer even without being asked. :)

Secondly It is DiyD site and so every one is busy with their own questions/doubts/searches.Only when they find time , would it be fair to expect some replies. It is also good practice to search other forums/sites for answers. It is good habit and decent thing to do to search internet for answers on the said topic/question before asking. how ever these days most new comers have no patience and want pop a answer/spoon fed straight away without having to do some research which isn't conductive to this society.

Its not mandatory for every one/any to answer questions and no one is under any obligation to do so here Sharing knowledge is voluntary.

Help and advice is voluntary too.

So pls do feel to answer/help/appreciate those unanswered  posts  instead of posting such a long explanation/replies. you are also part of this family and pls help/spend time to answer those in need,

Most people are helpful and would offer support/advice but personal life takes toll on every one. Just to be here is tasking for many including my self.

If you note that most post/ blogs have atleast one or more mod/admins likes irrespective of the content!

Coming back to original topic.

Can some one point me to few of such unanswered good posts/blogs/questions, I along with other mods here are more than happy to answer if we have missed them. thanks

cheers and fly safe


I did solve this myself in the end, it was an ESC calibration issue whereby one ESC took much longer to beep than the others, motor No. 4..


No biggy as the M8N works great here in the UK so is clearly receiving the correct commands..

Dear J. Smith(and others), I was in the situation described, and was quite dissaponted, until i suddenly after weeks found your answer. I hope you are still interested, so this vehicle will at least be created in 3D as i mentioned and tested within my lifetime, since there is an urgent need for it, especially in Africa. (See my project AfreeAfrica.org)

I have requested your friendship and posted an answer to the tread which you responded so positively to.

I sure hope someone will help build this scalable model.

Here is something similar, so just imagine that it has to be completely inflatable and with helium compartments instead. Ufo drone

Here it is

(A major issue, is that this forum doesn´t integrate your feeds into the profile, making it hard to keep track of all messages.)

Sadly, I feel you sir are hostile and borderline belligerent.  There is no need to CAP words and statements to get your meaning across.  Please go elsewhere.  This site it for genuine people with genuine interest in developing a positive community.  I see nothing you have added that is positive. 

4.  Don't get hurt feelings if someone doesn't instantaneously reply or respond back due to missing the post, or having a life outside DIY-Drones.  I for one have posted what I thought was a intelligent input to the discussions only to hear crickets in the end.  I don't let me feelings get in the way of progress and I'm ok if my idea falls on so called deaf ears.  Maybe it wasn't that good an idea to begin with or if it were, maybe I didn't express in a way that helps the many understand what I was looking for.  Heck if it's that good an idea, I might just run down to some college and take programming classes and develop my own code.

Excuse me?

If you have an issue with me using all caps, that is a valid issue.

But to say that I have added nothing positive is patently false, and I could nly guess that you have not read my posts, or did not uinderstand them and thier intent, and you apparently have not seen the positive comments and 'Likes' I have given to people where I saw this problem, and where nobody else gave them any positive comments.

You make claims that I am hostile and beligerent. Perhaps you are confusing the fact that I am pushing valid issues, and am very serious about those issues - that is not being hostile. However, when someone makes false accusations and tries to trash me for what I am trying to do, I do not just let the negagtive remarks stand with no reply.

You also claim that I am not a Genuine person - that is a bit odd for an insult, and you claim that this forum is for genuine issues - so pushing for advanced drone designs and concepts is not a genuine issue ???  Is trying to get ths drone community to somehow set its own standards before some disinterested bureaucrats do so without our interests at heart is not a genuine issue ??? Is making the point that there are people who post good questions and/or good ideas, but who get no positive comments or 'likes', is not a genuine issue ???

Here is what I see - Serious hostility and false accusations, one after another being directed at me for any imagined slight, by people who seem to have a hair-trigger on thier own true hotility and who are apparently eager to be offended and attack someone for the slightest controversial remarks or issue. - at least you actually have some kind of a pic for your avatar, unlike other character assasins. - and note that despite the vitriol of your post above, I have at least tried to make SOME positive lee-way for you in your remark ! I cannot say the same for you.

What if I actualy said something truely controversail, I guess you would have me burnt at the stake, eh? Get over it.


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