What to do if you are not able to get your questions answered here...

I have scanned this particular forum going back to early 2013, and have seen so many worthy ideas and questions that have received little or no feedback.

My recommendation is that if you post a question here, and are not able to get the answers you need  within a week or two, go to Youtube and do some searches there. There is a lot of info there, even uncommon concepts, and real innovation. If you don't find the answers you are looking for there, you might instead find another way to do the same thing, such as an advanced google/internet search.

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Sometimes people prefer to stay polite by saying nothing.

If you need to be applauded for your ideas, please, write a book, buy a TV Network, preach in the desert, you are free

You just made a perfect example of one of the reasons why people leave forums - ignorant hostility expressed in a personal attack, in what must be deliberate ignorance of what was actually written. I think you are what is called a forum TROLL.

I was VERY CLEARLY  making a point about posts OTHER PEOPLE have made, which have gotten little or no (positive) feedback.  This, despite many, many views over a long period of time having been posted.

However, you were so eager and quick to just say something sarcastic that you paid no attention to what was actually written and what it meant.

If you cannot give a polite reply yourself, and either cannot read or understand english, or apparently don't want to, then it is you who should go elsewhere, be polite, and not say anything.

Mr. Smith,

It appears you don't understand what a TROLL is. You have defined it for us. Your introductory message to the forum was nothing but criticism for the entire DIYdrones forums. Mr. Le Bret was an accurate in saying that silence was our way of being polite. How could you expect anything but silence or criticism after your post? Have you read your original post?

There are numerous other forums on the Internet with helpful information for this category but I am sure you will have similar experiences on those.

I am afraid that it is YOU who do not understand.


Second, any mindset that thinks that good ideas and good questions should NOT be replied to and supported is a LOSING mentality, and does NOT further the drone community at all.

Giving people who have good ideas or good questions positive feedback, help, etc. is a GOOD thing.

If you do not think so, then you have some serious problems with your own attitude and thought processes.

One of my main goals is to promote good ideas and advanced concepts for drone design, and to that end, I will do what I can to support good ideas and good questions, which includes giving people with good ideas and good questions whatever positive feedback I can, as well as bringing attention to the fact that all too often such people get little or no positive feedback or recognition. On the other hand, deliberately ignoring good questions and good ideas does not create any progress at all.

I will not stand down from that point of view or make any apology for it, or submit to people who do not understand or do not agree with such a simple and good thing.

If you have nothing positive to contribute, then I guess it might be best for you to remain silent!

or maybe you should try supporting people with good ideas and good questions instead.

I see no readily visible button to report hostile replies, but would appreciate it if people would just stop with the sarcasm, passive-agressive hostility, and negative remarks here right now.

To be perfectly clear, this in not an attack on DIY Drones, nor do I suggest not participating in/with DIY Drones, as I in fact state in the original post "and get no real or satisfactory comments within a week or two" which clearly shows that a person should give the forum a couple of weeks to see what happens. If a person is going to get NOTHING in the way of answers, positive feedback, etc. then they should not give up, and I suggest another source of info, and that source is not another forum, but a completely different venue, not in competition with DIY Drones.

The problem here is not the forum, not DIY Drones, but a lack of response and support in and of itself.

Please do not twist things around or ignore what was actually typed in order to engage in a hostile reply.

I too agree that some message go unanswered.  This could be due to the fact that people have lives to live and my be tired of answering questions or have there answers and are no longer watching.

I also see that message roll of the screen and are no longer in sight and just get lost in the blog.

It's also hard when people go off topic and there are so many comments that we just don't bother to read anymore.


Thank you for an intelligent, resonable, and realistic reply.

I do see the points you make, and they do make sense.

On the other hand, I would say that it takes very little effort to at least hit the "Like" button, if someone does not want to take the time to write something. Regarding "message roll of the screen and are no longer in sight and just get lost in the blog.", I guess this would be a matter of priorities and preferences, and to that effect, I can say that if people could take the time to give people with good questions and good ideas some positive feedback, it would most certainly further the very interests and goals of the community in general, as well as the progress of drone design, and I would hope that could become a little more of a priority with people, even if that may only be wishfull thinking.  IN the mean time, I will do what I can as previously stated.

Again, thanks for the very good reply.

Well, at least your finally getting some replies to a post:)

Mark, your instincts are correct.

Mr. Smith spends enough time belittling forum contributors elsewhere to become noted as a Professional Whiner.



These good people wasted their time trying to determine how they could help Mr. Smith.  It seems that all he wanted was an audience.  

No proof of every having actually touched a UAV was forthcoming.

I lean towards the 'Pedant Troll':


But I have already reached my troll feeding limit.

Predictable... oh so predictable...

- as predictable as the icons you guys use.

You say I want an audience? Excuse me, but this is a forum, as is the one you reference. Of course I want an audience, just like many on forums.

There is one big difference though.

Good people hesitate to go out of thier way to support people with good ideas and good questions due to inconvenience. Its a shame, really, and something that disappoints me and others.

But the other side is much like dumb animals. They are predictable. unlike the good people, Nay-sayers never hesitate to nay-say, to criticise without offering better, and like dumb animals all they know is hosility, attack, attack, attack, attack.

So what is my motivation for wanting an audience, eh? Read all my posts. - my intent is clear, and I am sure that with any post I make or have made, you would see only more opportunities to atck, attack, attack. The slightest critique' of any kind directed anywhere is your call to the thrill of attack. Why did I leave this other forum? Because of unrelenting hostility based on one single expression of disapointment. It would not matter what I said, it would not matter if I wrote the most poetic and tearful apology for an imagined slight, there would only result in attack, attack, attack.

Once you smell blood in the water, its a feeding frenzy.

I purposely tested that forum before getting my friends involved, to see what it was made of, and that way, I am the one bearing the disappointment, not exposing others to it.

I have some diappointments here as well, obviously. But I have seen that at least the moderators seem fair, and that is possibly what matters most.

People who think and act like you are also have another very predictable trait, that you make fantastic assumptions based on nothing more than your own imaginations.

I could tell you of my experience, my skills, my acomplishments, and even if I presented certified copies of documents, it would make no difference, you would still do the same thing, attack, attack, attack, you would come up with some lame excuses to deny their legitimacy.

You demenstrate that you do not care about intents or facts, as your over-riding ego aqnd emotional response is what is wholly controlling you in this. Maybe you have posted great posts, maybe you are the most beloved person on the whole forum, maybe you donate half your worth to wonderful causes, but when it comes to this, you act as mindless as a rabid dog.

I diagree with the fact that good people express good ideas and ask good questions, especially  that challenge the status quo. Who do I blame? no person in particular. It is just something that should change, that;s all.

I am trying every way I can find to promote advanced drone design and concepts. - oh, but IU am not allowed to do that unless I am this or that - but again, it would not matter. If I showed you what I, myself have, it would make no difference. It would not matter if what I have is only slightly flawed or is fantastic, you would only seek any excuse to knock them down, and attack, attack, attack.

That is one reason why more people don;t get into forums. It is why I really don't care for forums either, as they inherently have people who only want to attack. - so, you would sarcastically ask, why amI here in this forum?

Because the thing that I want to do, in and of itself, regardless of who is behind it is worth doing.

So I have to put up with people doing what you do, and hope that at some point either you get tired of being nasty, negative, insulting, accusing, and attacking, which is very unlikely, or that maybe those who run this forum might see what you are doing for what it is, and do the right thing, and that the subjects that mean so much to me will be seen as worthy in and of themselves.

Thingss need to progress, people who want to do things that are different, bigger, better, etc. should be supported, and I don;t care if people like you agree with that or not.

At best, you are a troll calling a troll a troll, and doing nothing constructive about it, but only attack, attack, attack. I also see that you put real effort into your character assasination - perhaps it is YOU who are acting as the professional something or other.

My objection in this thread was that people express good ideas and good questions, and all too often get no positive feedback. If they cannot get thier answer here, then there is nothign wrong with them getting thier answer somewhere else - and I did not refer them to another competing forum, but to Youtube. If you disagree that people cannot find answers there, you are again very mistaken.

Mr. JoeBob - please note your own reference:]


Internet Troll Defined

"...to purposely and actively provoke, defame, anger, tease, flame, or incite other online users."

That is EXACTLY what you are doing. To the very definition of what you falsely accuse me of.

I have attacked no person. I have taken issue with a problem, a situation. The situation where good people who ask good questions and have good ideas are seemingly dismissed y the general forum population, where someone with an interesting idea or question will have hundreds of views, but not one single positive comment, not one single "Like" I am not attacking individuals, I am supporting them, and the facts where that are concerned are easily found by the "Likes" and positive comments I have left for these such people, some of whom may have unfortunately given up for all I know, because nobody showed any interest whatsoever.

YOU are the attacker of persons, not me.

@ J Smith,

Members here have agendas.

A few members have a "here is my Project" agenda, but most members are here to solve their sUAS problems/issues and probably do not want to spend the time to visit the My Project Discussion Forum because they want to get into the air.





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