What to do if you are not able to get your questions answered here...

I have scanned this particular forum going back to early 2013, and have seen so many worthy ideas and questions that have received little or no feedback.

My recommendation is that if you post a question here, and are not able to get the answers you need  within a week or two, go to Youtube and do some searches there. There is a lot of info there, even uncommon concepts, and real innovation. If you don't find the answers you are looking for there, you might instead find another way to do the same thing, such as an advanced google/internet search.

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Do It Yourself, means most skilled/active people here has some kind of project(s) going on, and that's where their focus is. This also means that people will mostly only reply to topics they are withing their interest zone.

Or to put it more bluntly, most people in this forum are self-taught and have put a lot of effort into their projects, and as a result have little patience for hand holding when it comes to the basics. This is also why you may have noticed that some of the very advanced topics get a lot of comments.

Sir, you are not worth my time nor anyone else in this forum.  Good luck with your sad life.

I bought a tarot 2 gimbal yesterday from frys for my iris plus. NO POWER AT ALL TO GIMBAL. This is my 2nd 1ris, 1st one works fine. Wtf?

Actually, you were right. The access is limited, but I found it, and chnged the case of the text in the thread title. Thank you.


Reply by Richard Kennedy

I have tried the search function a few times, and it did not seem to get me the results I was looking for - I mean things that I already know are on here. Sometimes it did not show the specific (already existant) text/thread/etc, and sometimes it shows a gazillion results which do not seem to reflect what I was searching for - but that in itself is something fairly common to most search engiones anyway. In time the site might have an advanced search function (If it does not already, I may have to check again. I deal with so many online entities it is hard to remember the peticulars of peticulars, lol.

I understand that many or most people likely to be involved whith drones are also likely to be busy.

I feel a sense of urgency though, because the sum of everything I am seeing out there suggests to me that we are fast approaching major developments, especially regarding regulations and such.

This is why I am doing what I am doing. I am trying to spend the time that others may not have, to do whatever I can to both get the ball rolling - a little faster in the drone community and encourage people to push the envelope, try new things, and entertain whatever interesting concepts others may come up with.

So looking at it optimistcally, maybe I can fill a slight void in what I am doing, that others may not be able to spend the time doing, and in that, hopefully serve a worthy purpose.

Thank you.


Reply by John Arne Birkeland

I see your point, agree, and that is pretty much the way I see it as well.

I would also agree with what you say about "little patience for hand holding when it comes to the basics", as my friends and I go back and forth between putting an emphasis on helping beginners vs. safety issues vs. pushing for more advanced designs and concepts. One thing that all three have in common is that neither I, nor my friends are deep into the electronics, which I hail-mary-guess might be something you are referring to by "advanced topics".

In my little group, I am the one pushing for advanced designs and concepts. The only reason I do not put more of an emphasis on helping beginners is because there is a lot of information out there on the basics that is not hard to find, so I feel that subject is covered pretty well. As far as Safety issues, yes, safety is not negotiable, but I figure that safety is back in the basics, and not necessarily something where we need to "push the envelope".

Personally, I think the #1 Safety issue are those props acting like rotating plastic dull knives that are exposed from all directions, and how they can cause comparatively serious injuries. The first glance solution would seem to be prop guards, but it seems that those can directly impact the performance of the craft, while performance cannot dismiss safety of course, which comes back to my personal emphasis, which is design of the overall drone/multirotor, and basically the frame/chassis, which I think is the core of all other concerns, as the right design of drone can solve multiple problems at once. Another reason why advanced design and concepts is one of two main concerns and efforts of mine, the other being regulatory concerns.


With all due respect sir your comments are uncalled for and are too personal. If you or anyone else reading Mr. Smith's or anyone else' posts don't wish to provide assistance or constructive comments, feel free to withhold your time and energy; but don't sink to making personal demeaning comments about someone you have very limited exposure to.

You may not share the same opinions but that gives you no right to get personal. I remind you that just as you complain about Mr. Smith's inappropriate use of all caps, you are breaking the TOS by making a personal attack on Mr. Smith.

I've read many of your posts and know you to make good contributions to this community. Don't spoil it with malicious behavior.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY


The links you site are for a JSmith in Oregon, and this JSmith reports to be from LA. Though I don't see Mr. Smith denying that he is the JSmith you cited, I don't see him accept it either.

Mr. Smith, do you care to comment?


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY


Reply by Nathaniel Caner

Yes, I was testing that forum to see if it was suited for the purposes of my friends who share my desire to promote advanced design and concepts in drones/multirotors.

I found that the slightest controversial remark resulted in non-stop mindless hostility, the lowest of personal attacks and insults, and virtually no reasonable reply, no request to clarify what I meant or intended, and no end to the attacks or the depth of insult. I tried to give as good as I got for entertainment sake, as we were not going to have anythng more to do with it. I was actually embarassed that I had suggested the site to my friends, as they wanted nothing to do with it once they saw the results for themselves.

This site - DIY Drones, seems much more reasonable in general, and the moderators have been very fair. I may get a couple of nasty replies here and there, but I also get people who make reaosnable inquery, who offer truly constructive criticism, who offer help, and even a couple of people who actually complimented me. Unfortunately, my friends were already unsure about the prospect of using a forum, and when they saw all that hostility they were completely turned off of the concept for the most part. I am still trying to sell them on joining this forum (DIY Drones) but not successful as of yet. If I continue to get any support at all though, that may change.

My friends want to start a website, but to do that, and do it right, would not be fast or easy, and we are exploring other media as well.

I find that the search tool here on dydrones.com is terrible! Much of the time I get better results using google search and get the links I'm looking for on diydrones.com!


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

@Nathaniel Caner

I have been trying to change the image for a Group I am starting, and nothing seems to work.

When I initially started the group, I used some icon, and it seemed to work. But now, I have tried to use an uploaded image, in both .jpg and .png formats, and different sizes down to the exact same size as the icon that originally worked, and nothing seems to work.

I also tried to upload the image as a photo to my "Photos", and was going to try to use that, being as it would already be here, but it does not seem to have an option to use my "Photos".

I have not received any error messages in any of these attempts.

I also tried doing various searches for group image, group icon, etc. and image size, etc. and was not able to find anything. Can you illuminate me as to what the problem might be?


- Oops, nevermind, I was finally able to get it to take. Thanks anyway.



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