What to do if you are not able to get your questions answered here...

I have scanned this particular forum going back to early 2013, and have seen so many worthy ideas and questions that have received little or no feedback.

My recommendation is that if you post a question here, and are not able to get the answers you need  within a week or two, go to Youtube and do some searches there. There is a lot of info there, even uncommon concepts, and real innovation. If you don't find the answers you are looking for there, you might instead find another way to do the same thing, such as an advanced google/internet search.

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@Reply by Emin Bu

"+10  six pages of nothing..."

- Then don't bother torturing yourself reading it and leaving nothing but negative remarks. Go do something useful with yourself if you have nothing positive to add.


- Then why do you still come back, and of course leave nothing positive?

Since is seems that you have no self control, and cannot resist coming back, I will accommodate your handicap - discussion closed.


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