I am getting close to moving from a hobby involving RC and UAVs to making a career out of it. I am currently in the final stages of development of an all aluminum airframe with a 5-10 HP gas motor, 20 lb recommended to 50lb max payload, large internal area, and the ability to be quickly torn down and put into a sedan that has fold down back seats. It will not be the sexiest beast in the air, think of it as a project box with wings.

I am thinking of offering the following;
-parts packages
-Almost Ready To Fly (ARF)

What would any of you be willing to pay for any of these?

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This is our 500 pounder taking off from an unimproved dirt patch. Notice the big balloon tires like on a Piper Cub.

And here is the one I am talking about. Ignore the large vertical antenna, that was for a test with a client.
Experimental cert?
Yes, it would give your customers a chance at future certification.
Actually, the big one can pass it if necessary. Being all aluminum and having linear actualtors makes inspectors a little less nervous ;)
how much payload does the 8 foot wingspan carry, is there any diehedral
How much would you plan on charging for the smallest one (pictured above)?
The 8 ft should carry about 15 lbs, but we have to do some flight testing to see what it really reacts like in the air fully loaded. There is no dihedral on the wings, gives it a bit more endurance, but I want a wingless version available in case you want to make your own. My goal is to sell it for 5k or less. But, the bean counters have to have their say first.
are the fuel tanks already incorporated in the airframe?
Yes, the ARF would include engine, fuel system (different capacities to choose from), but less servos and radio system. 1/4 scale servos would be recommended. The entire top opens to allow easy access to any part of the bay.

I am considering selling plans for $50, and I have not priced out the pre-cut kit yet.
Sounds interesting, is the picture on the bottom the 8 foot version? When you say it should carry 15 lbs, is that 15 lbs plus the weight of the fuel? Is there an onboard electric altenator/generator? Would you consider making a wing with diehedral in the future?
Payload weight is after fueled. Of course if you want extended range, you pay the price in less payload.
On board electrical system opens up more certification requirements

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