The current state of play in the UK (almost no useable video/downlink frequencies, line of sight etc) has made me reconsider focusing on quadcopters instead of fixed wing, as the the increased range of fixed wing etc cannot really be used.


This got me thinking to the realistic range of an Arducopter (say a typical kit version). I'm unsure of the flying speed/duration ratio and wondered if anyone had experimented with out and return flights to test physical range? I'm guessing it exceeds line of site so is just as useful as a fixed wing if you ignore the greater fixed wing duration.


Any input appreciated.






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i've just done some calculations (so it's very theoretic):

my copter flies around 10min with a 2200 battery pack

it's top speed is (calculated, not tested) around 100km/h, so I used 50km/h for traveling speed

50km/h in 5mins are around 4km (we need 5 min for flying away and another 5 to come home)


so its action radius is around 4km

Thank-you Sebastian.


I use two 2200 packs connected in parallell and get 7 minutes off 100% throttle time. 50 km/h also sounds like a good travelling speed that would be just over 50% throttle. These are not facts, just guesstimates! :-)

The quad Im talking about is the B model 3RD kit with the extra weight of a GoPro mounted.

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