there is a mention about it in lates version of arducopter, but i cant find it in the download section at arducopter nor arduplane...

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It will be released in a couple of days, together with ArduCopter 2.6 on the new MAVLink1.0

It is not currently in the downloads area, but you can pull it from git if you want. Or just wait 1-2 days

Actually, it is in the downloads area, at least, it was yesterday.  The only thing was you have to find the right file, there are two .exe's, one for 0.9, one for 1.0.

I didn't know much about this until my MP didn't work with 2.6B, and I figured it out.

On this note;

is there a release date for ArduPlane that supports MavLink 1.0.  Currently the latest release is 0.9 and won't work with the new mission planner.


you should run ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe to get mavlink 1.0 working

where did i find it to download?

It is installed automatically at the same time as the mavlink 0.9 version. It will be in the same directory as your current ArduPilotMegaPlanner.exe, but will be called ArduPilotMegaPlanner10.exe.

Thank you very much Andrew, i got it!  :-)

Where can I find the source code of the new apm planner? 

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