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Just a small question. I have just started to install my Ardupilot on my easystar and have come up with the following question:

At this moment I have my 3 wires coming out of the air vent of the brushless motor and placed my ESC (towerpro) on top of my easystar, secured with some tape. Now I have heard from Jordi that the heat from the ESC might disrupt the XY sensors which is mounted right in front of the ESC. So where should I place it? In the payload section but then it heats up that closed room? I saw a youtube video of Jordi where he has mounted both the FMA sensor and the Ublox GPS in the canopy. Does this set up work OK and still be able to mount the ESC just in front of the motor?


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I have my CC ESC mounted just forward of the motor like you have done except that I have used verlcro to hold the ESC to the fuse.

As far as the XY Sensor is concerned, if you mount the XY Sensor diagonally on the fuse, the body of the ESC will be between the two rear facing IR sensors and have minimal impact on their IR field of view..


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