I bought my original at 3dr and now it says out of stock.  Should I buy a fake?  I dont want to. lol!

I want to get the controller and the GPS and all the goodies.

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Any news when the Pixhawk Mini might be available? I really need a replacement for my aging APM 2.6.

yugo said:


@Richard, very good question as we have been informed very recently 3DR stops hardware. I'd like the answer too if anyone from 3DR reads this ?

I can't wait any more so I think that I will just get a Pixhawk Lite as its only $62 from BG.

Hugues said:

@Richard, very good question as we have been informed very recently 3DR stops hardware. I'd like the answer too if anyone from 3DR reads this ?

Looks like the "Pixhawk Mini" is finally for sale on the 3DR website. My question now is what is the difference between this and the HobbyKing Pixfalcon" as they look really very much alike although the HobbyKing version is much cheaper.

They look the same as they are made by HK. Mr.Anderson announced some time ago by him self that they are working with HK so this seems to be their resolve for DIY parts. I hope I am wrong but I can see rather many issues in here starting from incompatible connectors and so on. I would hoped a bit better...

The Pixhawk Mini is a new version with upgraded sensors and CPU. It comes with adapter cables for old-style DF13 connector devices.  That's a preview listing. The full listing will be coming this week. 

Hi Chris,

Good to see you are finally releasing the long awaited mini even if it is really the Hobbyking Pixfalcon.

The Hobbyking Pixfalcon is $99.00 in China $124.95 in the US, however, for your $199.00 it does look like you are including GPS and a power module which they are not.

And of course, the wonderful customer support from 3DR - cough, cough.

Intriguing difference is on Pixfalcon one connector is labeled I2C that is labeled CAN on Pixhawk Mini

Is that an actual difference or just a labeling choice?

Sarcasm notwithstanding, it is good to have a solid source for genuine compatible Pixhawk again.

Best Regards,


It's a new design with 20+ changes. Details coming in a few days

Happy to hear it.

Look forward to details.

We currently have Ehrle Brain, VR Brain and Philip's Pixhawk 2 cube.

This will add a more local and US supported Pixhawk version.

Another significant one is the PX4 Mini which is notable because it is specifically built for small quadcopters and costs less and has been verified to work with Arducopter.

It would be good to know if anyone has experience with Pixfalcon and how it is working with ArduCopter and ArduPilot.

As well as any of the other clones for that matter.



I'd pay double to have a known GOOD QUALITY controller.

Gary, I've got a Pixfalcon on a 250 racer.  The IMU failed after about 10-20 flights.  I will be replacing it with an AUAV Pixracer, just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I don't use Hobbyking junk anymore.  They just have no quality control or engineering standards.  They will even foist off junk with known major engineering errors, such as their Pixracer clones.  I just don't have time to deal with this crap anymore.

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