I want to get a frame like the Cinastar.

Octo 8 arm setup.

Anyone know who make's them and sells them.


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You can purchase them through the following link:







   The Cinastar frame and arms are way over priced.

Just one arm cost 75.00 and center hub is 125.00 or more.


Just about every commercial product is WAY over priced.  Here are some other competitive systems:

Micro Drones (Germany) their lowest priced Quad is $40,000

Aeryon Labs (Canada) their lowest priced Quad starts at $30,000 and goes to $100K

DroidWorx (US Distributor) the AD-6 HL with camera mount and live FPV starts at just under $10,000

DragonFly and others are all between $8K and $10K to start with comperable functionality of the others.

The problem is - all of these solutions actually FLY, have AUTOLAND and HOVER and LOITER and most have WAYPOINTs and will hold rock solid in any of these positions.  The DIY solution is very in-expensive but is not going to be at this level for some time to come.  I personally have had to order the DJI system because I can't wait for another six months to a year for reliable performance and the test flying has cost me far more in spare parts than the DJI AP solution.  I will look again later this summer and see where the DIY product is.  Don't take this the wrong way, if the most important aspect for you is to do hands on flying then the DIY product is there (with some residual issues in 2.1)  If you need accurate functionality such as WayPoints and rock solid ALTHOLD and LOITER and AUTOLAND, then you will have to work through the DIY development process.  In the end I believe that DIY will meet the performance of the commercial products.  There are prices to pay for participating in an open system.  For me I had to move to another source because of timing.  I am sure I will return to the DIY solutions down the road.

Good luck and a Happy New Year.


You can also get miltirotor frames in UK from our shop.  We currently do not sell octo setup, but we are looking at stocking them soon.



  Yes Allen

I did my first Octo II fully loaded from Adem little over a year ago.

Well you know how it goes.

Now i am on to something different with a lower cost budget.

This buget will not alow for a $1,100.00 frame.

Going with hoverfly board and probably like you go to Robert for a DJI.

Thankyou / Your working at the right place.

   Looks like rustys frame's are where it's at.

Looked arround and he seams to be it.

  Bergen is making frame's now also i just found out.

Cris is making the larger one's.

Rusty is looking good.

This is my last production of foldable octocopter ;)


Who cuts all the material out for you.

And with what.

Oh my god ! I didn't follow the topic !!!

I cut for me ! :)

Back to topic - Octo Frames...

I Just received the EI8HT frame produced by SteadiDrones of South Africa.

These are full CNC CF plates and tube coupled with 3D printed connectors.

Assembly is very quick and the frame is rock solid, building on prior experience

with other leading brands - while the price is within the sensible range for such


Warmly Recommended, and they build all their RTF's on APM2.5!!!

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