I want to make a UAV, but i dont know how big the plane needs to be,
i want to buy an rc plane that's already made, and then modify it.
do you have any suggestions on where to start, and what kind of electronics i need, and which plane to buy?

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Hi Kasper and welcome to DIYdrones!

Look at the main page - there is a link titled
* I'm new to all this--where do I start?


Site is very active and a lot of questions have been answered - site's search functionality is decent.

There is also informative flow chart to help guide your decision making precess
Hi Kasper,
like automatik suggested , I started from FAQ in the main page , the UAV need not be big plane , smaller the better( < 2k.g) , a stable high wing trainer like planes are well suited, If you are new to RC flying , then a decent flight simulator is good investment to start with to learn RC flying first while you go through the FAQs and progress through more complex things.
can i use an rc plane, that's made in foam

i have 2 examples here:


i know the site isn't in english but just take a look at the pictures ;)
Hi Kasper ,
you can use foam models and currently main test vehicle in this forum are foam models, but the first model you have shown is low wing aerobatic sort of model with not so stable flying characteristic which is basic criteria for such usage. a Example of such model is here

i can't find them in any danish hobby shops :S
Yes , the second one is exact model but first one also looks good too.
do i have to think about which radio controller i use?

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