I am  a electronics professional.with 6 years of exp .I am interested  in learning to design and develop  my own quadcopter,I am  quite familar with microcontroller programming (C program),the electronic hardware .I would like someone to help me which quadcopter should I buy which can help me understand the technology(like sensors , accelerometrs RC autopilot board etc) which drives these quadcopter.Bottom line is I would like to work on these quadcopter and learn its hardware and software technolgy as well.So i need your help which quadcopter will be the best to start with.

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Thanks Bill 

Which quadcopter should I buy? I was planning to buy a  IRIS+ from 3D robotics .Any other alternatives for this.

Great decision, you can't go wrong with IRIS+ ! Few professors from my university have bought IRIS+, added camera to it and now they are developing program to search for people lost in mountains. First, drone fly over mountain, take pictures, send them to remote server and than program scans all images trying to recognize pople on it. It's very effective, Croatian Mountain Rescue Servie started using it recently. IRIS+ is very very good for further development. It can be founded on DronesGlobe list of top 10 drones under $1000 too.

Thanks  Ante

sounds very interesting what you said Ante.I didn't know that

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