Which additional/spare parts to order with Bixler 1.1 for getting into DIY drones for mapping purpose

Dear all,

I have experience with commercial UAV platforms and its applications for ortofotogeneration.  I want to invest some time and money for getting into DIY drones for aerial photography, starting with the low-cost Bixler. I have had a Bixler 1.1 one year ago and learned to fly with it until it became damaged beyond repair.

I will place an order with Hobbyking for a new bixler. As I am living in the 'remote' country of Paraguay, it is costly and time consuming for shipping, so I want to anticipate and make sure I order all I need at once, hence enough additional and/or spare parts in order to avoid the interruption of my process of getting into DIY drones in case of the faillure of 1 simple component.

1) I read on some forums, that the original motor/composition of bixler is not enough to get a camera up into the air. Is this correct? I have a Canon and Arduino I want to integrate.

2) What additional/spare parts do you advice me to order in order to have some redundancy in the process of getting into drones?

Looking forward to your comments,


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Hello; I'm living in a more remote country :Argentine  ;) , Is there a chance that you buy a Bixler 2 instead of one? It has a little more payload capacity and is nice how it flies.

Thanks for the reply, Are you living in BA? I will consider the Bixler 2. How do you usely get your stuff in to Argentina? You have local stores or do you import? 

There is a spanish photogrammetry group, perhaps it's easier for us to discuss there, my english is terrible.

I import from H King, I live in Mar del Plata


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