I wanted to know which program was best for designing airplanes, so I tested out 7 different programs and methods to find out. Watch it on YouTube:


Which one do you use/find the best?

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Why is a program such as SolidWorks or other CAD software in there besides sketch-up?
I hadn't heard of those yet... I'll check em out! Thank you for the heads up.

Is there one that you use the most? How long did it take you to "master" the program?

Thanks for watching.
Heres some magic numbers that will help your quest, good on you for trying

Reynolds Number! I'm at least familiar with the concept, but no master by any means. Its pretty powerful stuff. I'm planning on doing an episode on this concept during the winter (when flying in the cold is just no fun) after I build a wind tunnel, hopefully I'll be able to demonstrate the concept with real life results.

I was thinking a little further down the page, the set of relationships between wing airframe and tail in size.


Enjoyed your video well done.

Sorry, iDumb. That is pretty interesting, I love the math and scale-ability of it, something I'll consider when I actually get to building an airplane that has control surfaces/propulsion. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Trent, great video, have you seen Draftsight? http://www.3ds.com/products/draftsight/free-cad-software 


It's  FREE!  industry quality, similar to early AutoCAD, limited in 3d, you can import scans into it and trace over to design the structure etc, scale the drawing to what ever size. Downside is itcould take time to get to know.

No gain withoput pain!

I hadn't heard of that, I'll have to download it for my next design. Thanks for the tip!
I like to sketch my design on squared paper, scan it, import into Draftsight, scale the drawing to size, set a layer called Trace to red, and trace over the drawing.  There is a handbook pdf. 
I built and flew the glider designed in Episode 2. The glider flew fine, but I had a hard time finding the right location for the center of gravity.

Next time I’m going to shift the wing further back to allow for easier CG adjustment, add more weight so drag doesn’t overcome its momentum as easily, and make some kind of shock absorber to the nose so it can survive more than a few crashes.

What do you think? What do you do to find the center of gravity?

The only thing you should ever add is lightness.....

Wouldn't that be take away? :) Well, I guess not, taking away lightness would be to add weight...


In this case though, wouldn't too light allow drag to easily overcome the kinetic energy of the glider? I was thinking more weight would allow me to put in more energy when I launch, therefore increasing flight time. I donno, maybe I got my wires crossed.


I'm going to do an episode on weight and how it impacts glider performance, which of course will lead to studying wing loading on actual powered rc airplane.


Thanks for watching.

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