I wanted to know which program was best for designing airplanes, so I tested out 7 different programs and methods to find out. Watch it on YouTube:


Which one do you use/find the best?

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I made an episode (Episode 5) as a how-to on how I built the glider in Episode 4.


I'm almost done with Episode 6 where I took your recommendations and build a better glider.

Thanks for the advice!
I took your recommendations and built a better glider. It flies MUCH better than the previous version. Check it out:

Well done, I am very impressed
Thank you! It was your recommendation to make it lighter. Did you see that by the way? The heavier airplane thrown the same speed literally flew the same distance (maybe less even) and all it got for it's trouble was a harder landing. You were exactly right, adding lightness is the key. I'll admit I was very surprised how much difference that made.
Weight has its place, but it has to be the right place for the right reason.

Once you get to control surfaces you will discover the relationship between where the wings are and the rear surfaces. I would lay a wage you will end up bringing the wings forward, then you will need less movement at the back to pitch the aircraft. If you do that you will have to lighten the rear structure so you don't add too much weight in the front to balance it. (Adding weight for something non functional is never cool)

Keep going it will be a very interesting program when all your stages are bought together. Maybe you could report your progress on the DIYD podcast when it restarts.

Taking small logical steps and learning as you go is the way.
Interesting, I was almost sold on putting the wing right in the middle, but you're right, its all about the correct relationship and your aircraft's function. I also agree about the added weight, you should (ideally) design everything so each ounce is contributing to flight, and the aircraft itself designed for that same purpose. I guess it's not as easy as just throwing a motor on something : )

Thanks for the help. I'll keep my eye out for the DIYD podcast... that would be interesting. I'm aiming to be an actual contributor to DIYD's "drone" community, but like you said, slowly gaining progress.
WOW.They are all great.
Thank you! Let me know if you see anything I can do better.

All looking good! Nice video work!


Might be good to put a disclaimer out there. NO CUTTING ON THE CARPET WITH A RAZOR! Parents or wife may have your rear!! 



LOL! Hadn't thought of that... My exacto doesn't seem to do any damage, but I guess I'll find out for sure when I got to use the vaccum. I might just have a nice traced out outline of my glider on the floor! :)

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