The DIY Drones and Sparkfun teams are thinking about selling and supporting one of the quadcopter platforms. But there are dozens of them out there--which one should we choose?

Here's what we need:

--Open source
--Cheap (sub $1,000 all in)
--Easy to make
--Full UAV--including GPS navigation and ground station.
--Capable of indoors and outdoors flight (ie, bigger than the Parrot AR.Drone, but not as big as the Hollywood-quality big camera lifters)
--Pretty mature in terms of software and community

Which projects fit the bill best?

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Off Topic....Has anyone trie Sorbothane [sic] foam? it is designed specifically to absorb vibration, I believe. Perhaps it is just latex foam under a brand name...
Done some mods to Dark Star
Under is the clear dome that has the pan and tilt camera.
Most all the basic frame parts are available from Walmart.
Should cost < $30
All wires are in arms for a clean look.
The 900mhz TX and ANT are one one end of one arm.

Anyone know of a quad with a "shell" so the props don't dig our kids eyes out?
Try Alien Jump Jet

Best bet is fly safe, keep aircraft away from people and buildings. Also keep in mind your liability while flying if damages or injury occur.
Since the MCU is only controlling speed of the motors to change attitude, why would there be a need for change in code for counter rotating props?
Looking very good Earl! Are you going to use basic ArduPilot+ArduIMU or wait for Mega?
I have the Mega now. Going to combine the ArduIMU and Mega for this. Want to incorporate the 2 way XBee to be able to change stuff in flight. Also, want to do a Quad Ground Station.
I could probably get this frame for OK price!

I know you are going for a full system?

Price for frame should be around 120-140 $.

Length: 500mm (wing diagonal length)
Height: 185mm
Weight: 220g
Material: Glass Fiber Air laminate +
I've built 3 quads so far from simple material and have had good success. I have colleagues that have similar frames to this one and found them to be very fragile. While it's high on the cool factor, replacing an arm or base plate could be a nightmare once all the equipment has been installed.

If you look at the various quad designs that seem to work and fly well, (mikroKopter, Aeroquad etc...) they use very simple materials and have excellent results. Vibration has proven to be a killer with Quads so any arm material that allows excessive torsional vibration is unacceptable. Jose's first Quad blog post where he tested two type of arm material proved this.

Jose had the right idea with the Square aluminum tube and simple base plate.

I agree on a simple base plate, hollow arms to hide wires, and a simple cover to hide the electronics, all at a LOW cost.
around $ 1000 spec on web site screw dragonfly x6 x8 they want 15k for what china can make for 1000 bucks go china !

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