The DIY Drones and Sparkfun teams are thinking about selling and supporting one of the quadcopter platforms. But there are dozens of them out there--which one should we choose?

Here's what we need:

--Open source
--Cheap (sub $1,000 all in)
--Easy to make
--Full UAV--including GPS navigation and ground station.
--Capable of indoors and outdoors flight (ie, bigger than the Parrot AR.Drone, but not as big as the Hollywood-quality big camera lifters)
--Pretty mature in terms of software and community

Which projects fit the bill best?

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Thats not the best way to mount multiple motors though, not very efficient
Hi Jose,
Would it be possible have a copy of your ported code, I am struggling a bit on getting my Ardupolit Mega working on my quadcopter.

True it's under a grand, but keep in mind, they did no R&D, they simply p[purchased a Draganflyer and reverse engineered it, used sub-standard materials, and there you have it.

As well, if you have any issues or need any support..... good luck.

As much as I like the idea of having a very simple, user friendly, complete, and relatively inexpensive multi rotor copter, I don't think we are there yet.... VERY close, obviously the Aero-Quad / ArduCopter and the Quadpower / Hoverfly are right around the corner, and I think that will be only the beginning, but a $1000 clone of a $15000 rig..... no thanks.

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