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I am tinkering with the APM 2.0 that I bought and planning to follow the hardware in the loop simulation as per the below wiki


I have the mission planner and the xplane trial version loaded on to my computer. However, I realized that I need to buy the Remote control for this to work. 

  1. Which RC should I buy? I know that there could be many options but I'd like to buy something that I can finally use when I buy my airplane. Is this a good one for now https://store.diydrones.com/product_p/rc-spektrum-dx7-01.htm ?
  2. The picture in the wiki link from above shows a "Receiver" that is connected to the APM via a PPM. Is this something I need to buy separately or is it part of the APM that I already bought?

thank you for your time!


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Thank you Guys for the guidance and sharing your opinions. When buying a RC, do I need to look for any particular configuration so I buy something that's compatible with my APM? Or are the RC's generally compatible?

For example, can I buy the below RC if I want to and assume that it'll work with APM?


Thank you,


You want an 8 or 9 channel system.  You'll be wanting the extra channels sooner or later.

For proper mode changes you will also want a 3-position switch on it.  Using the three position in combination with a two position switch gives you access to all 6 modes on the APM.

All TX/RX systems are compatible with the APM.  They all put out standard PWM signals.  Some have PPM output, which makes the wiring to the APM easier.  PWM needs 1 wire for each channel signal while PPM multiplexes the signals onto one wire.

BTW, hobbyking.com is by far the cheapest source for all RC gear.  I don't know if they're trying a Walmart strategy or what, but they're crazy cheap.  

I have a Turnigy 9x + Frsky TX/RX with Telemetry  + Smartie Parts addon for loading er9x + LiPo Bateries.

The setup is rock solid i am extremelly happy. The total cost of the setup is about $200


1 Turnigy   9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) ... $64.75
2 Turnigy   2650mAh 3S 1C LLF Tx Pack (Futaba/JR) $13.30
1 FrSky   DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Module  $50.43
1 FrSky   FLD-02 Telemetry Display Screen  $19.99
1 FrSky   USB Cable  $8.49
  Smartie Parts  
1 9x   Add-on Board with built-in Programmer and EL Backlight $45.00

I forgot to mention that you'll probably want to make sure you get a right handed TX (mode 2).  It's usually not too hard to switch them, but opening them up and swapping springs is a pain.

Graupner MX16 / 20 or better with Hott

- you can use multiple recievers, (for additional redundancy or just extra outputs)

- you will see signal strength and quality on the display (telemetry)

- you can see voltages/current, GPS position, altitude, heading , speed + + + right on the display.

- transmitter will log all these data to SD card inside it.

-Ardupilot will soon output telemetry data in HoTT format for the "receiver" (really - it's bidirectional) - just like other systems already do. (like mikrokopter)

so there you have it - lost model ? - just look up last position, or position+heading, altitude.

want rssi mess ? - no reason - HoTT warns you by audio in good time before you have significant packet loss - and it's impressively quick to re-establish connection.  (even if receiver browned out.)

+1 for Turnigy 9x, but only if you're planning on doing the upgrades. I think of it like a Jedi building his own lightsaber. :)

If you're testing in a flight simulator then you can use the radio as stock.

Replace the battery holder before you fly with a real plane, the battery holder is the only really dangerous part.

Upgrade to a FrSky DIY kit and matching receiver when you want to fly past 200m range.

Upgrade to Smartieparts board and er9x when you want to use more than 2 switches. The mixing in er9x is just incredible. I'm always thinking of new handy mixes that do cool things.

If (Yearly_Income / 1000 < Your_IQ) { Buy(Turnigy_9x); }

I would point out two things...

#1 You can do all the upgrades yourself with scrap parts, so you really can have a top of the line TX for just $55 with the 9X.  You can use LEDs or your own EL strip for the backlight, the firmware hack is not all that hard (just tacking a few wires on the board, the PPM hack is just a resistor, and you can just shove a LiPo into the battery compartment for a real nice rechargeable solution.

You can take the easy way and buy a kit to make all this easy, or you can do it for no/minimal cost on your own.

#2 LOL Eddie, shame on you for using programming to argue the point.  It's kinda rude to talk over people's heads whilst insulting them.

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