whitch accelometre should we take to find out PITCH angle for UAV??

Hello,,Iam new in this forum and i have a problem with IMU for generating pitch angle ,
I am using the Y-Gyro for short range BUT i must make another sensor (accelometre ) along with Y-Gyro for long range correction using adaptive filtring tecq- ,,which accelometre should i pick for this problem,,I am thinking of the X-accelometre but it will be effected by the UAV motion,,so iam thinking of using Z-accolmeter ??? so please help me on this and thanks in advance

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Ziad, I don't think we understand the question. What's wrong with just using a 6DoF IMU?
Chris Anderson, ofcourse there is no probelem with 6-DOF IMU ,,but my question is HOW could I subtract the acceleration component due to motion from gravity component which is used for obtaining Pitch angle??
If the IMU is fixed ,static( not moving ) and i need to find out the angles ,I have no problem for that but my point is the moving
shall I make a condition on the Y-Gyro?

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