Who to donate to?

Hey guys I am just curious with all these clones out there, who should I suggest others to donate to if they are buying a clone 3dr radio?  Im sure hobbyking doesnt pay you anything for selling a clone, so if people want to contribute to the design who should they give their duckets to?

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  • Ok well thank you for not really answering my question.  I have a set of 3Dr modules myself, however answering questions on hobbyking, I explained to one guy that he should buy the original or at least donate to the original designer, he asked who he should donate to, so I came here to ask the question.  I support the concept of open source, but face it leaving free designs up on the internet they are gonna get stolen and cloned, as I explained on hobbyking if we dont support these designers they arent going to keep making stuff and hobbyking wont have anything to sell!

    I apologize for caring! I guess it was silly of me to care enough to ask this question or think that there were any upstanding professional individuals here that could help me with it.

    Face it china will clone stuff and sell at marginal discount to the original that will always cause people to buy the clone, $30 for modules from HK or $80 from 3DR most people arent going to care about much more than the price.  Both do the same function, the least I can try to do promote a $10 donation to the original designer for buying a clone of his product, thats still half what it would cost at 3DR and Im sure $10 a module set is more than the developer gets from them.  

  • Troll bait.

  • If you feel hobbyking are giving you a better deal buy it from them, no need to compensate anyone for anything, but in the interrests of progressing our hobby we should buy the original. Lets make the designers rich, that way they have lots of money to develop even better shit for us to tinker with,

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