Iphone and Android App Ground Control Station with Mavlink is in Progress

I have successfully built an API that will work with Ipad/ Iphone and will be able to port it to Android. This app can create missions, follow live mavlink .9 (Still working on 1.0) data with telemetry data. Cool thing is that it is a cheap cable to make. I want to know how many people would be interested in this App and the cable. There will be two versions one for jail broke devices that will have a few extras and for regular IOS and Droid OS. If there enough buzz I will give a lucky few in couple weeks a free beta pass through iTunes to be able to test and use for flight. What the app does is that it send a mavlink message to the xbee or 3d radio back and forth so you be able to fly and track using your tablet or phone.



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Also would be nice if you could use the accelerometers to steer the quad like the AR.Drone Parrot does. Can't wait to see your progress.

Hi Zachary,

will it be possible for other developers to produce and publish apps against the hardware you are developing?(i.e. will the libraries be available? will Apple permit this? etc)

For instance, I would be interested in making the iPad Ground Station I am iterating on available: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/ipad-ground-control-station

Yup it will work as long as you native extensions in your app.

i assume you have never played a game with onscreen 'joysticks', it's a terrible way to control things and for a drone it will probably be a reason for many crashes.

What does "patents pending" mean in your graphics? i hope you don't plan to patent the idea to catch a radio signal and pipe it into the iPad via Doc connector.

Since it will have Apple MFI chip it will be protected by apple. The idea will wont be a patent but the design of the hardware will so people can copy without being in trouble they just need to make their own design out of it. I don't want a breach in contract with Apple. They are rich not me. Most of this will be open source. Also, the API is native apple extenstions but they only release them when your a MFI member and they release the protocols.
No need for BTstack or any jailbreak bluetooth. Android will just be java.

Hi Zachary, what should be the problem of using bluetooth and a jailbroken iPad instead of this hardware you're developing? Will that work with your software?



Still working what is permitted with Apple. Instead BTstack extenstions you would use external Extenstion. For some reason apple doenst show the API unless your part of MFI. But will release the modified API so the hardware will work with any app you throw at.

Very nice!  

I'd want to run it with a non-jailbroken iPad2 (my wife uses it, so jailbreaking is verboten).  

*Update. Have main GUI and Hud done. Waiting on Apple since new contract was signed and sent. Also, working on a Mini Skywalker UAS with FPV and APM2.0. Really small plane full of test hardware and modifications that could provide usefull.

Yes, it will work with either jailbroken and non jailbroken software. However, it can be used for non jailbroke devices that make it easier to program than have to add a bluetooth stack. Instead of a btstack api. You would put a externalextension/foundation extension in your code and it will connect to native bluetooth. The module I am making has encoded chip released to MFI only developers called iAP chip(Ipod or iphone authenication protocol). This decodes and encode data going to native ios bluetooth. I hope this makes any sense.

Update. I been working on mavlink and got messages being sent to the APM to follow the functions. On the onscreen AirMAVGCS screen the modes will be easy access and also be able to return home faster. The hud math needs to be fixed a little declination is little off because depends on area. Will put function in there to look for your current location then download you asimuth correction so that the map and plane are in the correct area. Sorry havn't post any code trying to get this to beta testing then code will be released. Once my module is approved I will have them tested and then up for sell and they will work with jailbroke and non jailbroke device. So if there is a another program that someone else has created for iphone or android they can use this module. This will have the MFI iAP chip buildt in the radio so it will work with any IOS device. The API will be added with the beta code when the app ready for testing. I have testers on my contact list and will send a email sortly. At this time everything is closed until beta is released.

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