Hi all, I've been using a HoryzonHD camera for FPV and aerial HD video. All of my video recordings have a weird wobble to them, although I don't notice this in FPV. Do you think this is likely to vibration, or some kind of electrical interference? Here is an example:

My setup looks like this:

The camera is powered by a dedicated BEC. Sources of interference I can think of are the battery cable, GPS (I have the big UBLOX), and my xbee pro. There is a ~8cm unshielded cable between the camera and the recording unit. The recording unit is lit up because it has a screen with backlight, but this is turned off when I fly with it.

Any ideas appreciated to speed up my troubleshooting!



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I get those under Wide open throttle, I think it is vibration. I use a Swann Freestyle HD action cam.  


I had the same thing til I balanced my props.


It's called "jello"...induced by vibration from the motors/props.  It seems that most folks can eliminate this by using a camera mount that is isolated from the main frame by soft rubber-like washers and such.

But yes, balancing props helps as well.

Here is a link to a discussion, there are many others:


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