I have 2 xBee 900MHz with diydrones shields and if I don't remember to unplug the plane side xbee connection when I power up then it sometimes gets bricked where the blue and red lights stay on. I'm getting really good at debricking them in under a minute but I'm wondering if this is normal :-/


I'm using the latest firmware in X-CTU.


Is this normal?

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Is it ok to leave the xbee unplugged and then plug it in after power has been applied to the APM?

I have a similar problem. I summerized at the following link.




After reading your messages I realized that it might also happened due to improper powering on and shut down.


Anyhow,  I tried to unbrick XBee, now PC recognizes it when I plug it into the usb port but MAVLINK doesn't connect to it. Also PC does not recognize APM board. What may be happened? Did I fried something? Is there any way of introducing them to PC and MAVLINK again? 

OK, APM Board problem solved, thanks to Chriss. However, XBee problem persists. You can follow the above link to see the source of the problem, USB pin damage!!!.

Sorry for the necro on this thread, but I was wondering if anyone had the old ardrupilot firmware that was used to prevent the boot up bricking of the Xbee radios?

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