why i cant compile original arducopter 2.8.1 software please look my error

hello dear friends

i create a new folder 2.8.1 

and unzip arduino1.0.1

unzip arducopter 2.8.1

i select quad and x config

but i see this error

where is my fault

thank you

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I cannot see the error (on my phone) but make the directories like this:

C:\users...\My Documents\Arduino\ArduCopter
C:\users...\My Documents\Arduino\Libraries

Then stop Arduino. The launch it again. Then compile.

ooow ok mike i understand you

i enter the prefences menu and i change my sketchbook location with "new software file on my desktop for libraries"

its solved mike you rescue me again thank you so much :)

That works too (on my phone, it was a lot to explain) just remember to restart the Arduino IDE each time you change it...or, in fact, anything in the library code

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