Hey all,

I was wondering why APM developers do not think of incorporating more powerful processing units on the next generations of APMs. The hardware's already received a lot of attention (including myself). 

Is it possible to do that, I don't see the reason why not!

That actually will allow researchers in the UAV field to easily employ this unit in more complex algorithm (e.g. UKF, EKF) and much more, instead of buying external embedded computers which, in return, adds on the payload and space on the drone!

I am actually facing this problem myself as I am working on EKF and had to buy an external powerful embedded computer in order to perform such heavy computations.

I was also wondering if I can place a customized order to the manufacturer to design the same board, but with more powerful processor (i.e. ARM Cortex)?!


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I think your wish is granted. PX4 is the "Next Gen" If I understand right.

Ok. Does it have the same capabilities like APM?

Is the source code ready to use and ready to fly?

Follow on question springs to mind...if the feature set is the same, should I be thinking about moving to PX4?

I like the OSX support part, the PPM support part and the optical flow part...but will it fly any better? Can I re-used my 3DR telemetry and UBLOX?

Dear Euan,

Are you a fixed wing user or multi rotors?
I am working with fixed wings and will be working on advanced control algorithms later. So I wanted to find a platform with more processing capability which will tolerate (EKF, navigation control, advanced control...etc)

So do you have any suggestion? 

I'm a multi-rotor user (and a relative newb at that), who's "px4 curious". Would love to contribute to the effort, but have neither the personal time, or the technical programming knowledge!

The APM seems to work perfectly well for it's current purpose, so I'm not sure what all that extra processing power will provide.

Mabe more error state detection (eg: inverted while in stabilise = error state)? attitude anticipation in stabilise? Inflight obstacle avoidance? intelligent, dynamic route planning? terrain tracking?

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